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AV Multispeciality Hospital  Banashankari, Bangalore

AV Multispeciality Hospital

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Establishment year : 2018

4.6 (85 votes)

Doctors Available : 1 Infertility Specialist Available

Services : Infertility, Gynecology, Laparoscopy

Specialisation : Infertility Hospital(Multispeciality Hospital)

Location : Kundalahalli, Bangalore

About AV Multispeciality Hospital (Best Fertility Hospital in Banashankari) :

AV MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL is founded by Dr. Gopika Rajesh with the mission to provide innovative and consistent medical care and thus evolve a benchmark of quality in the healthcare segment in the list of private hospitals in Bangalore.

Although the AV Multispeciality Hospital is a young entrant in the medical space is backed by the vast experience and expertise of various doctors & its known as the Best IVF / Fertility Hospital in Banashankari, Bangalore.

AV Multispeciality Hospital is located in the Banashankari, Bangalore. Dr. Gopika Rajesh is a Gynecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon & one of the Best Infertility Doctor/Specialist in Banashankari, Bangalore


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Available Doctors

Dr. Gopika Rajesh Banashankari, Bangalore
Dr. Gopika Rajesh


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85.03% (21 votes)

Specialisation : Infertility Specialist, Gynecologist, Andrologist

Experience : 18 Years Experience

Location : Banashankari, Bangalore


  1. Infertility Specialist
  2. Gynecologist
  3. Andrologist

AV Multispeciality Hospital Reviews


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Nice Hospital. Dr.Gopika is very soft spoken and suggests good treatment. Vijaya is a nice person who completely takes care from entry upto exit.

Patients Questions and Answers

Q: How long do you take injections for IVF?

A:  The time that you will be taking the injections will depend on the IVF protocol choose for you at AV Multispeciality Hospital. Typically, patients receive injections for 8 to 10 days, but some must take them for a little longer.

Q: Can I travel immediately after IVF?

A:  There is no evidence that travel impact your IVF pregnancy rates. If you are worried about flying soon after your embryo transfer, you can take to the skies without care. Air travel doesn't impact pregnancy rates following an IVF cycle.

Q: Is the egg retrieval process painful?

A:  No, It approximately 20 to 30 minutes, and IV sedation is administered so that you will not be awake during the process. Some patients have mild cramping after the procedure and are discharged with a prescription for pain medication.

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